We will provide assistance remotely via TeamViewer to any employee
or RDP platforms

Development and deployment of LAN

Selection of an appropriate network equipment, communications maintenance, setting - at times two

Configuring user workstations

Getting Started - the key to success, you need to
start work on a properly configured PC

Setting up and managing servers

Let us collect, configure and start-up process
"heart" of your


There are those who still does not make backups,
and there are those who are already doing

The introduction of

Favorable conditions for the use of communications services, there are no restrictions - is just the beginning

Electronic document management

Save time their employees and do not worry for any statements of their company

System and network administration

Fix the problem is always more difficult than it prevented! DLine Media this will help

Information Security Management

Setting access control systems, Group Policy, and information leakage monitoring systems

Setting up a secure VPN corporate network

Do you have remote workers / offices? VPN provides access to the corporate environment

Develop your own software

Necessary the original decision? We do what is necessary for you!

Setting up of
corporate email

Why trust the trade secrets to other companies? It is better to keep everything on their servers

Developing Mobile Applications

Many mobile workers? We develop applications to work directly from the phone


From business cards to websites HighLoad systems with their own data center. All this to us on the shoulder!

ready systems

If you just need to set up some kind of system, we will be happy to help

The introduction of video surveillance

Video surveillance as part of information security should work 24/7/365

Comprehensive protection against DDoS-attacks

Competitors want to annoy your business? We will not let you offense

Design of corporate identity

Logos, business cards, websites, banners - all BrandBook in your hands!


Agree, to solve a problem is always more difficult than it warn


No time to explain how that works employees? We will take it upon themselves